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Diversity is not necessarily a societal strength!

Only when there is a common moral ethic is diversity a societal strength! A common moral ethic such as murder is bad, saving a life is good. Basic ideas like these which we can build a common ground of understanding on and then move to nuance.
When the fundamental understanding of good and bad, right and wrong are different there is no common ground for building a strong health community. The very fabric from which a society is woven pulls apart. If your “good” is my “bad” then we will be forever at odds and forever suspect with no common ground to build a health society. After all if it is my goal to emphasis and help build the “good” in society but since my “good” is your “bad” you will see all of my efforts as destroying your “good” in society.
For many years now we have all heard that one of the great strengths of America is its diversity. Historically when those of greatly diverse backgrounds, nations, racial groups, religions and just varied points of view or lifestyles came together in America the vast majority came with or conformed to a Judeo/Christian moral ethic. With that foundation of understand of right and wrong our very diverse forefathers built the greatest nation the world has ever known. The blend of differing insights and perspectives kept us on track with a solid rudder or the common moral ethic. Not a religion, not a church, but the moral truths derived from the blend of historical Judeo/Christian ethics tempered with truths of great western philosophers.
Now America has lost her way because of diversity without a common moral ethic or rudder.
The longer we blindly proclaim and accept platitudes like diversity is strength, without understanding that which infuses that strength, we will continue to drift into societal fraying until it is beyond repair.
Institutions, like public schools, without a foundational moral ethic, whose responsibility it is to help build educated responsible citizens have no rudder with which to guide, teach encourage and train students. Leaving children to determine ethics and or morality for themselves will simply and is truing America into a “Lord of the Flies” society.
Doubt me? Look at any inner city gang structure!
Just giving academic information without ethical/moral guidance is amoral in itself.
There is no greater demonstration of this truth than in special education community.