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Covid a Trojan horse

Thoughts on why I think the covid 19 “Pandemic” is a trojan horse, for government takeover of American freedoms in violation of the constitution.

  1. According to the World Health organization (Bulletin 2011;89:540-541): “A pandemic is defined as “an epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very large area, crossing international boundaries and usually affecting a large number of people….Risk is assessed by anticipation of severity and precaution should be calibrated to risk”    No clear definition on what is and constitutes a “calibrated risk” is it a death rate of 10% , 5% or 2% of the folks who get it? Is it a contagion rate of 50%, 1 to 3 or 1 to 5? How does it compare to previous Pandemics? None of this has been explained by the authorities. How does it compare to previous Pandemics? Like the 1918 “Spanish flu”? There is simply no specific detailed information given for justification.
  2. When first told of the “covid 19” and the temporary need to wear a mask it was for only for two weeks and to slow the curve. Either this was a deliberate lie or a continuing mistake.
  3. After several weeks death rates were low and the way things were reported changed from covid caused deaths to covid related deaths and all of a sudden deaths rates began to increase.
  4. As covid deaths began to increase other causes of deaths have decreased beyond normal rates in previous years.
  5. Over the several months now with forced shutdowns and mask wearing, covid rates of infection and deaths have increased, not decreased. 
  6. Authorities have enforced the closing of small independent shops, service and food venues, Churches and merchants while keeping big box stores open all the while saying avoid large gatherings and crowds and keep to small groups, just the opposite of what they say needs to be done. Why did they not close the big box stores keep the small local shops open, a natural way to control large groups while protecting small businesses, the backbone of America’s economy.
  7. Multi-national organizations in harmony with U S progressive democrats all with a socialist bent have been saying for months now that the covid crisis needs to be used to control the general population to help climate control as well as “reset” the international (and American) financial systems, through government top-down distribution of private resources to create more equity of outcome rather and equality of opportunity. 
  8. Hospitals have a vested interest (money) to report increasing covid deaths and cases.
  9. After several months of tracking, specific non bias information is getting harder and harder to local.
  10. Multi-national internet information platforms are censoring any information which does not reflect the official government press releases.
  11. Even with inflated (related) deaths as opposed to caused deaths, the death rate is less than .01% for the general population and less than 2% for those over 70 which is the groups it is most fatal for.
  12. Those in leadership (with the best information)do not follow the same rules they have in place for the general population. This means those with the best and most information, do not see this as a threat to their families of themselves. 
  13. The science is in! The shutdown is more dangerous than covid! Mental health issues, suicides, and drug overdose have skyrocketed and resulting deaths are greater than covid. Specific examples…. Japan October deaths by suicide greater than covid 19, San Francisco deaths from overdoses in November greater than covid deaths. Thousands of Doctors across the world have called for the ending of the shutdowns and stop wearing masks stating the harm they are doing is far worse than covid 19.