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Communication and Realization

Clarity of communicate with one another transcends normal social understanding.

That in and of itself should make your mind bubble!

I am not talking about just language, but actual communication! Talk, body language, and emotional language or “transpeak”!

All of us reach out to one another in the languages, or communication skills, we are raised with. I am not just speaking of English or Spanish or any other spoken language, but the languages of each family regardless of national language or local region, spoken in the home: Famlang! Famlang is also the communication unique to each family..

Words just represent ideas, but “famlang” communicates emotions and/or thoughts welded together with a desire to express our own individuality.

With that desire for individual expression within the context of local social dynamic we have the self centerpieces of family.

In that context we must yield to the solid and realization to provide for one another as individuals who chose as agents of freewill to take care of those less fortunate.

Organizational Civil Life

To avoid violence and keep society civil, government is to be a referee. Folks coming to play in the game of life, playing by the same rules. Our government is supposed to be the independent referees who call the game. Our laws are the rules of the game.

We have our representatives to create the rules and to speak for us the ensure the rules are evenly applied to all.

We have a single leader, the president, who is suppose to make sure the system of government runs smoothly and according to the rules, the CEO of the organization so to speak. And if needs be over see the strong arm (Army) and protect us.

We can appeal when we think we the rules have been applied unfairly (the courts).

How long do we, as a nation, as a people, continue to allow a minority, any minority, a subset,  by the very definition a deviation from the norm, of folks play by different rules? Allow them just because they are loud determine the direction of our nation, our values, our social interaction, our family values?

No one is really normal. We all have our specific differences and preferences. None the less when individuals and groups of people come together to form communities, organizations or even nations there are necessarily guidelines  agreed upon by all upon which we govern behavior.

It does not matter if subsets of our society have inbred differences of which they have no control, it does not matter if those deviations are choices, it matters not the intentions. What matter is the actions and behaviors. When those actions occur, then the powers (the referees) that be must determine the import of intention, action and results then make a ruling based upon just rules that apply to all evenly.

When these systems no longer function even handedly, but are allow bias and preference for whatever reason, there is no longer recourse except force.

Social Network Frustrations

The frustration of returning from being out of town for several days to find I was “down” as far as the internet goes, reminded me of just how much I now depend upon the internet for daily work and connection.

My modem died, no my router died, no my connection was some how compromised………None the less……it required me to call internet support. We will not go through just how long and drawn out, the multiple calls to different Help Centers”.

Had to buy a new one. Then the calls started again to get it working right.

I was out of my element. I could not for the life of me understand, even though we were using the same words talking about the same thing.

Our Aspergers kids are like that. We talk, they talk, or at least seem to listen and answer, but They just don’t “get it”.

Finally I spoke to “Kevin the tech guy, from Texas”, he and I could communicate! He talked me through what no one else could do! and amazingly I am on line and blogging again!!!

Did he say anything different? I don’t really think so. We just connected.


FIND THOSE WITH THE GIFT OR ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEM. Then they will learn and build the skills to communicate and interact with others.

Thank the Lord, that we at Second Start have just such a staff!