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YOU HAVE HOPE! THERE IS GOOD NEWS! IN THIS WORLD OF CONFUSION AND DECEPTION there is someone who loves us beyond comprehension. Someone who touches our heart with tenderness, acceptance, love and forgiveness. DO NOT GIVE UP!

BUT now is the time for complete honest: Be real and honest with yourself. No one on earth but you will know.

In this “WOKE” world we have found ourselves in, we are confused, this confusion overwhelms the understanding of reality. So we seek to establish a standard of comfort and ease. Each of us establishing our own life standard requiring others to accept it or risk being branded a “hater” , racist, “bigot” or even a “homophobe.” This branding is a result of a self-centered obligation of others to accept our absolute subjective authority to accept our self-centered opinion. This is the very nature of confusion and conflict. Each person on earth has a self-centered opinion or reality. No two completely agree.


There is a standard the Creator has established. The Creator exist outside of time, outside of mater, outside of energy…laws of physics ..over and above all that exist……He is beyond all understanding and has established truth and honesty without question in the world. Because His is an objective standard, we who are subjective in all we do and understand are bruised and hurt when we bump up against it and rebel! I nor you like being brought up short in our understandings. We do NOT like being told what to do! We do NOT like being told how to behave! We do NOT like being told how to speak. We do NOT like being told how to feel! So our natural rebellion sets us in opposition to the Creator of reality. 

So we all live in a state of passive rebellion (just ignoring truth in favor of ease) and anxiety searching our subjective minds for truth and being offended when we bump up against objective reality. Still hoping for comfort beyond our selves to yield to a subjective reality which justified us and reenforces our desires while legitimizing our hopes of security. Yet we all experience the pain of reality the hurt of unmet hopes, the short comings of our own expectations. Why is there pain in the world with a loving creator?

So now for the good news…….in this world we live; with the hurts and failed expectations, this reality where we, each of us, still have hidden failures we do not want anyone to know about there is the reality which transcends!

Forget what you have leaned, forget what your expectations are, forget your preconceived ideas and turn inward asking the CREATOR OF THAT IS to speak to you in a quiet still voice of truth about reality.

And when you ask this in truth and honesty that still inward nudge of God’s Quiet Holy Spirit you will find the reality and with your humble acceptance and your willingness to yield to Jesus’ sacrifice to cover your willful sins and subjective reality, you will find truth and have an everlasting joy and peace which transcends physical life. 

You will find life everlasting! Life as you want it to be! 


Steven King’s book:”The Stand” Is one of my favorites. It follows the path of a few survivors and the aftermath of a pandemic. It is about the conflict of good and evil; an epic of a novel in the truest since. Without the drama of a well written story I seem to find myself in a personal internal debate on weather we (Americans and the Western World at large) following an pandemic are self destructing or not.

To my mind and observation there are world leaders: political, business and philanthropic who are publicly and with intent are moving the western world specifically to an evil one world governance. Russia and China have both publicly admitted as such and they are creating their own equally evil power structure to stand against this western cabal.

In America the majority of our elected politicians and leaders seems to be leading in directions opposed to traditional moral values and freedoms of our constitution. Our elections have been compromised to the degree they are completely unreliable. (A side note on the elections…you know they are unreliable because those in charge refuse to create a simple obvious accountable method of voting; ie; paper ballots, in person voting verified by observers of all political parties and having the votes counted by hand in the same manner. simple trustworthy and verifiable)


The ways you know evil is taking over:

1. Truth Bending…….more than two sexes, men can be women, women can be men, men can have babies. et c.

2. Approved Child Abuse…..leading children into error about who and what they are for sexual purposes

3. Lack of Justice….A double standard of legal prosecution; Trump being charged for what Clinton was not.

4. Group Think……….when people are classified and receive their status and worth only as part of a group they lose their individuality and value a unique person. They are no longer accountable as an individual but simple a product of the group.

5. Mass Propaganda………Media has become the voice of Cabal, finding objective information is getting harder and harder to find national media is not trustworthy.


The freedoms we in America ave enjoyed which are inshrined in the Constitution are being removed systemically with intent to established the evil being propagated. Our elected officials in the house and senate have advocated their responsibilities as lawmakers to the bureaucrats and life long government workers. We the people are no longer in charge, we are to be the obedient followers and to do as told……wear mask, even though they do not work……..must get a shot even though it poorly protects……stay indoors even though sun and fresh air is one of the best things for folks health!

They have publicly stated : “Climate Change” is the greatest threat to Humanity and will use it to:

  1. They will take away freedom of movement
  2. Freedom of speech (they call it hate speech)
  3. Financial Freedom (they will create a digital currency which they will control and ration)
  4. Personal property will be labeled as selfish and wrong (except for the private jet leadership class)


  1. Live in truth. Objective reality, not subjective opinion be clear an open to stand in truth.
  2. Learn to recognize the right thing to do and have the courage to do it.
  3. Be Peaceful seasoned with a joy that does not come from circumstances
  4. Have Trust in the Creator yielding courage and confidence
  5. Accept folks for who they are not who you want them to be, treat as individuals, not a group member
  6. Practice speaking with meaning and respect for others especially if you disagree with them.




Truth is attacked first in a spiritual battle.

Sometimes, actually most of the time it is hard for me to write things that seem harsh and condemning I would be remis if I did not explain what I see and warn what I think is coming, if we (I) do nothing, say nothing. 

Let me say simply we live in evil times. Let me explain: 

  1. Governments, Media, Academia all promote obvious lies about human nature over truth: a. Homosexual behavior is just as healthy as heterosexual behavior b. There are more than two genders c. You get to choose what sex you are d. Some races are bad while others are victims.
  2. Religions which promote death to all those who do not follow it, is just as peaceful and good as those which promote peace, love and forgiveness.
  3. Speaking lies which are easily proven as lies, not just mistakes,  obvious misstatements of provable realities. A. (covid caused deaths vs covid related deaths check out the numbers for yourself, you will have to dig but they can be found) covid is not nearly as deadly as the public is being told. B. Mask work in stopping covid virus from spreading (the CDC itself said mask are ineffective in stopping small aerosolized virus particles (January 2019 report) since the Belgium, Ireland, and even here in the USA studies have proven the ineffectiveness of surgical mask. Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself. Climate change is caused by man’s activity is not proven science, has never been: I will give a link to the lastest study:   

Challenging UN, Study Finds Sun—not CO2—May Be Behind Global Warming


What do you call people who wish to confuse and deceive children as to sexuality and identities? I call child abusers evil. What do you call it when folks mislead and confuse others concerning a deadly disease? I call it evil. What do you call misleading and scaring folks about a climate we have no control over, knowing there is no real evidence for what you are saying. (Yet you profit from it) I call it evil.

There is another reason: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual[forces] of wickedness in the heavenly [places]. “

Time for Christian to put on our spiritual armor. The battle is at hand! The enemy will attack : Truth first………..

Lack of Transparency breeds distrust

Over the past year and a half there seems to be a growing shadow over the facts about the covid 19 virus and the delta variant. This darkening of reality is spreading from governments, Local, State and Federal and even world wide. The facts are out there if you look for them. No opinions, but science/medically based research and application. Yet the Governments are not responding to the research and facts concerning this virus.

First let me say I think when this virus first broke out, those in power with the knowledge understood it was man made and spreading really fast, and it scared the crap out of them. They took dramatic action is an abundance of caution. Rightfully so. But rather than be transparent about the source and statistics they darkened the facts with misleading information. The Main line Public media which is so inbreed with the federal government carried the misinformation willing.

Examples: 1. The first couple of months death caused by covid was reported. Numbers were low, for healthy individuals almost nonexistent. So they change the reporting and recording from caused to related….so anyone who died, say of lung cancer, but tested positive for covid was counted as a covid death. This was reenforced by paying hospitals more money for covid deaths than candy deaths. Not just cancer, every death for the past almost two years if they tested positive for covid was reported a covid caused! Not factual!

Please don’t misunderstand me, covid is real and bad I would not want to get it. But it is no more or less serious than a flu. It is no more deadly than the flu. I base this on the hospitalization and death rates in the past of flu outbreaks (you could find this on the CDC web site easily a year ago, now the information is much harder to find) compared to actual covid caused deaths rather than related deaths.

All this being said is to point out the current infringement on the civil rights of Americans is not really about covid. If it were the flood of illegals (hundreds of thousands) would be stopped. It is something altogether different.

Time to RESIST!!

Mask do not work! Below is the researched evidence from the CDC itself as well as two different other fact based researched findings.



Surgical Masks from the CDC 2019 article 64

“Surgical masks are not respirators. They are disposable coverings designed to be loose-fitting over the user’s nose and mouth. These loose-fitting masks leave gaps between the mask and the wearer’s face through which harmful particles may pass. Since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not address the fit function of masks and surgical masks are not NIOSH approved, the mask may not be used in situations covered by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) within areas requiring the use of respiratory protection. Therefore surgical masks should never be used for protection against infectious aerosolized particles.”


Bessesen, M. T., Adams, J. C., Radonovich, L., & Anderson, J. (2015). Disinfection of reusable elastomeric respirators by health care workers: A feasibility study and development of standard operating procedures. American journal of infection control, 43(6), 629-634.

CDC-NIOSH January 20, 2012. Retrieved from: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/npptl/topics/respirators /factsheets/respsars.html

CDC-NIOSH March 13, 2014. Retrieved from: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/hcwcontrols/ recommendedguidanceextuse.html

CDC-NIOSH May 23, 2017. Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/npptl/topics/respirators/disp _part/n95list1.html

National Academy of Sciences (NAS), (2006). Reusability of facemasks during an influenza pandemic: Facing the flu. Committee on the development of reusable facemasks for use during influenza pandemic. National Academies Press: Washington, DC.

Peterson, K., Novak, D., Stradtman, L., Wilson, D., & Couzens, L. (2015). Hospital respiratory protection practices in 6 US states: A public health evaluation study. American journal of infection control43(1), 63-71.


Getting Old Sucks! (sort of)

Professionally I have been fairly successful. Either personally or by supervision I have been involved starting and or managing many many nonprofits and churches. While I was involved, they all did really well measure by finances and membership. Their impact has affected thousands of families. Not earth shattering but I would say; “not bad” either.

Still on “My Watch” doing all I could to improve life on this earth by reflecting objective reality and God’s reality through Jesus and truth has resulted on a macro level in American and world society getting worse on every level.

The matrix by which I have been measuring success or failure was set by the world, or the enemy. To judge Christian successfulness is an individual thing! not a Marco thing. Only individuals can be change by God’s amazing grace. There is no such thing as a “Christian Organization” no organization can be saved by God’s Grace! Only organizations with worthy goals manned by Christians even have a hope of having prolonged success. But the organization itself over the decades (if it survives) will always drift left toward secularism. Evidence?…..Harvard, Princeton, YMCA, formerly great mainline demonations, etc…. many many more.

The point being only individuals can be saved! Our walk with Christ is a person to person (faith to faith) kind of thing! When the Creator of the Universe came to earth; Jesus invested 90% of His time with His family (started His ministry when He was 30 and was crucified when He was 33) then invested 90% of His last 3 years with 12 men.

To all the ministers out there where are we investing 90% of our time?

Given this standard, I consider my life a failure of epic proportion. Those I love the most and have invested most of my time are not to the best of my understanding following Christ. But then again I am judging my life by my personal results and limited understanding.

God’s standard is that I remain faithful in reflecting His Love and Grace and Truth in Christ which, in truth I believe I have done. The results are in His hands. He draws to Himself those He will not willing any to be lost, but respecting their own self will………………Those I love…………have a choice……my reflection of our Lord is just what in His wisdom they need and have been given every chance to yield their lives……… or not.

I am grateful of the gift of my life, still the pain of sin and death in this life for those I love, as I grow older seems to weight more heavily on me.

Getting Old Sucks!

The pretext

The only reason Jesus came was to make wrong relationships right. First with God then with one another. Reconciliation of relationships is at the heart of our redemption. Our personal relationship with God is enhanced and nourished through our fellowship with one another: i.e.: The Church…

The called ones, those who gather together….not by calling each other on the phone or “zoom” each other! 

The physical gathering has spiritual synergy which transcends isolated communications. “Do not forsake the gathering…” 

Sin separates us from God and one another. Sin isolates us and focuses us inward in a self-centered thought and action pattern as opposed to an outward and giving attitude and heart encouraged by each other when we physically gather together for the purpose of reflecting Christ to each other. By physically gathering together we practice turning the other cheek, learning to love each other, forgiving all in the safe place of gathered believers and from there we can take the fruits of the spirit which have nourished and encouraged out into the world and make the difference only Christians can……reflecting Jesus to a divided and separated world. 

The World’s governments using the pretext of “Pandemic”, a slightly worse illness than the seasonal flu (check pass records of not just flu deaths but flu “related” deaths) have begun either a focused attempt or a by-product of power to destroy Christianity by separating and dividing the Church.

Those who would destroy the Church, seek to separate and divide it and us. 

We miss the mark when we separate ourselves from physical gathering of the Called-Out Ones…..the Church .  Never forget…..Sin seeks to separate and divide.

We are only accountable to our governments when they do not oppose the clear teaching of our Lord Jesus.


Up-To-Date (Today’s) COVID Information from the CDC Web site: 

A comparison of the two most open states and the two most closed down states  


Florida: Total Deaths per Capita: .135%

California: Total Deaths per Capita: .119%

South Dakota: Deaths per Capita: 2.09%

New York: Deaths per Capita: 2.36% 

Observations: Being open allowing folks to choose for themselves as apposed to government shut down makes very little statistical difference in death rates, in fact a case can be made that it is better for it to be open…compare New York to Florida or South Dakota Death rate is higher. The economic and total government take over of liberties is has no foundational evidence in keeping people safe. 

Just a note about a real pandemic: 1918 Spanish Flu….Deaths per Capita: .655%  

Covid does not warrant the reaction by the government and has forced on most Americans..

The fool says in his heart……

When most atheist/agnostics I know see:

A PERFECTLY HAND CRAFTED WATCH.They don’t think:” Dang would you look at that!, that things just felt together and by pure accident works perfectly and keep excellent time! What are the odds????”
What they do is marvel at the workmanship of an artist/ master craftsman, that is both beautiful and keeps perfect time.

Yet when they see this:Galaxies or atoms or even a DNA strand They DO think:” Dang would you look at that!, those things just felt together by pure accident and work perfectly doing exactly what they are suppose to do! What are the odds???? “

“The fool in his heart says: there is no God.” Psalms 53:1

It is Jesus Who has changed the world and has brought us to an understanding of reality. Civilization is defined by His teachings and life, yet those who would deny reality when obvious proof is apparent, are those who most vocally object to the Love, Joy, Peace, Acceptance and Forgiveness available to all through Jesus.

As the founder of the Catholic Church, which provides historical hand to hand proof of the written record of the following scripture said: “We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty.” 2 Peter 1:16
LE Boydston

You will Obey!

The 2020 election is over. The Democrats have won complete control over the federal government. This past week the House of Representatives passed rules forbidding using words like father, mother, sister and brother…..they are bigoted words. This is only a precursor to the irrational things to come from those who have no connection to objective reality but live in a subjective fiction posing as freedom of thought and action. They took in control.

The individual freedoms: worship, speech, guns, Americans have enjoyed under the constitution will be taken and replaced with group privileges. Individual thought, freedom and actions is an evil in there thinking. You must fall in line with the group or you are dysfunctional. 

If you are in the wrong group then you must make amends for your past generation’s evils. If you object, you must and will be reeducated. This is their stated goal. The time frame for complete transformation is four years.

In California once the Democrats reached this level of power, they changed the rules in order to permanently maintain their power. It worked. Now in America they will attempt to do the same. Make no mistake this is not politics as normal operating under our constitution. This is going to be a full-on assault on the constitution and America as founded, using our political systems against, the America people and our middle class.

The middle class is based in individual entrepreneurial action. It is the foundation of our economy and is currently being destroyed as we stand around and watch.

Already the insane ideas of more than two sexes and genderless children are taking hold. The ideas Christians and or white people by their nature are racist is being taught in the public school.  The impossible to apply concepts of equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity has become the standard for government action, based in group affiliation.

Matin Luther King’s “content of character rather than color of skin” has become “race is the determining factor of one’s privilege and favoritism from local, state and federal government as well as public and most private schools.

The only question which needs to be answered by those who wish to reserve America and its freedoms as founded, is; when do we stand up in numbers which cannot be denied and refuse to abide by the thoughts and systems which deny truth and reality?  

To say or do nothing is to finally give away the freedoms and the America our parents and grandparents bled and died saving the world from Socialist Fascism and gave to us to preserve.

Covid a Trojan horse

Thoughts on why I think the covid 19 “Pandemic” is a trojan horse, for government takeover of American freedoms in violation of the constitution.

  1. According to the World Health organization (Bulletin 2011;89:540-541): “A pandemic is defined as “an epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very large area, crossing international boundaries and usually affecting a large number of people….Risk is assessed by anticipation of severity and precaution should be calibrated to risk”    No clear definition on what is and constitutes a “calibrated risk” is it a death rate of 10% , 5% or 2% of the folks who get it? Is it a contagion rate of 50%, 1 to 3 or 1 to 5? How does it compare to previous Pandemics? None of this has been explained by the authorities. How does it compare to previous Pandemics? Like the 1918 “Spanish flu”? There is simply no specific detailed information given for justification.
  2. When first told of the “covid 19” and the temporary need to wear a mask it was for only for two weeks and to slow the curve. Either this was a deliberate lie or a continuing mistake.
  3. After several weeks death rates were low and the way things were reported changed from covid caused deaths to covid related deaths and all of a sudden deaths rates began to increase.
  4. As covid deaths began to increase other causes of deaths have decreased beyond normal rates in previous years.
  5. Over the several months now with forced shutdowns and mask wearing, covid rates of infection and deaths have increased, not decreased. 
  6. Authorities have enforced the closing of small independent shops, service and food venues, Churches and merchants while keeping big box stores open all the while saying avoid large gatherings and crowds and keep to small groups, just the opposite of what they say needs to be done. Why did they not close the big box stores keep the small local shops open, a natural way to control large groups while protecting small businesses, the backbone of America’s economy.
  7. Multi-national organizations in harmony with U S progressive democrats all with a socialist bent have been saying for months now that the covid crisis needs to be used to control the general population to help climate control as well as “reset” the international (and American) financial systems, through government top-down distribution of private resources to create more equity of outcome rather and equality of opportunity. 
  8. Hospitals have a vested interest (money) to report increasing covid deaths and cases.
  9. After several months of tracking, specific non bias information is getting harder and harder to local.
  10. Multi-national internet information platforms are censoring any information which does not reflect the official government press releases.
  11. Even with inflated (related) deaths as opposed to caused deaths, the death rate is less than .01% for the general population and less than 2% for those over 70 which is the groups it is most fatal for.
  12. Those in leadership (with the best information)do not follow the same rules they have in place for the general population. This means those with the best and most information, do not see this as a threat to their families of themselves. 
  13. The science is in! The shutdown is more dangerous than covid! Mental health issues, suicides, and drug overdose have skyrocketed and resulting deaths are greater than covid. Specific examples…. Japan October deaths by suicide greater than covid 19, San Francisco deaths from overdoses in November greater than covid deaths. Thousands of Doctors across the world have called for the ending of the shutdowns and stop wearing masks stating the harm they are doing is far worse than covid 19.