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The pretext

The only reason Jesus came was to make wrong relationships right. First with God then with one another. Reconciliation of relationships is at the heart of our redemption. Our personal relationship with God is enhanced and nourished through our fellowship with one another: i.e.: The Church…

The called ones, those who gather together….not by calling each other on the phone or “zoom” each other! 

The physical gathering has spiritual synergy which transcends isolated communications. “Do not forsake the gathering…” 

Sin separates us from God and one another. Sin isolates us and focuses us inward in a self-centered thought and action pattern as opposed to an outward and giving attitude and heart encouraged by each other when we physically gather together for the purpose of reflecting Christ to each other. By physically gathering together we practice turning the other cheek, learning to love each other, forgiving all in the safe place of gathered believers and from there we can take the fruits of the spirit which have nourished and encouraged out into the world and make the difference only Christians can……reflecting Jesus to a divided and separated world. 

The World’s governments using the pretext of “Pandemic”, a slightly worse illness than the seasonal flu (check pass records of not just flu deaths but flu “related” deaths) have begun either a focused attempt or a by-product of power to destroy Christianity by separating and dividing the Church.

Those who would destroy the Church, seek to separate and divide it and us. 

We miss the mark when we separate ourselves from physical gathering of the Called-Out Ones…..the Church .  Never forget…..Sin seeks to separate and divide.

We are only accountable to our governments when they do not oppose the clear teaching of our Lord Jesus.


Up-To-Date (Today’s) COVID Information from the CDC Web site: 

A comparison of the two most open states and the two most closed down states  


Florida: Total Deaths per Capita: .135%

California: Total Deaths per Capita: .119%

South Dakota: Deaths per Capita: 2.09%

New York: Deaths per Capita: 2.36% 

Observations: Being open allowing folks to choose for themselves as apposed to government shut down makes very little statistical difference in death rates, in fact a case can be made that it is better for it to be open…compare New York to Florida or South Dakota Death rate is higher. The economic and total government take over of liberties is has no foundational evidence in keeping people safe. 

Just a note about a real pandemic: 1918 Spanish Flu….Deaths per Capita: .655%  

Covid does not warrant the reaction by the government and has forced on most Americans..