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Getting Old Sucks! (sort of)

Professionally I have been fairly successful. Either personally or by supervision I have been involved starting and or managing many many nonprofits and churches. While I was involved, they all did really well measure by finances and membership. Their impact has affected thousands of families. Not earth shattering but I would say; “not bad” either.

Still on “My Watch” doing all I could to improve life on this earth by reflecting objective reality and God’s reality through Jesus and truth has resulted on a macro level in American and world society getting worse on every level.

The matrix by which I have been measuring success or failure was set by the world, or the enemy. To judge Christian successfulness is an individual thing! not a Marco thing. Only individuals can be change by God’s amazing grace. There is no such thing as a “Christian Organization” no organization can be saved by God’s Grace! Only organizations with worthy goals manned by Christians even have a hope of having prolonged success. But the organization itself over the decades (if it survives) will always drift left toward secularism. Evidence?…..Harvard, Princeton, YMCA, formerly great mainline demonations, etc…. many many more.

The point being only individuals can be saved! Our walk with Christ is a person to person (faith to faith) kind of thing! When the Creator of the Universe came to earth; Jesus invested 90% of His time with His family (started His ministry when He was 30 and was crucified when He was 33) then invested 90% of His last 3 years with 12 men.

To all the ministers out there where are we investing 90% of our time?

Given this standard, I consider my life a failure of epic proportion. Those I love the most and have invested most of my time are not to the best of my understanding following Christ. But then again I am judging my life by my personal results and limited understanding.

God’s standard is that I remain faithful in reflecting His Love and Grace and Truth in Christ which, in truth I believe I have done. The results are in His hands. He draws to Himself those He will not willing any to be lost, but respecting their own self will………………Those I love…………have a choice……my reflection of our Lord is just what in His wisdom they need and have been given every chance to yield their lives……… or not.

I am grateful of the gift of my life, still the pain of sin and death in this life for those I love, as I grow older seems to weight more heavily on me.

Getting Old Sucks!