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Jobless Recovery?

To navigate one must use reference points. A sailor uses the stars. Those of us who manage businesses look for reliable points of references which basicly are points of view, projections and past objective (as clse as we can get) statistical data from those who we hope have sound judgment and wisdom which comes from having traveled the same “waters” before us. That way when we listen to what they say we can have some degree of confidence they know what they are taking about. 

If unemployment is not improving, if jobs are not being created, then the recovery is simply for those who are on the government “take”. On the top side, you get a “bail out” on the bottom side you get all the government services to help those who are having a hard time helping themselves.

Where is the money coming from to pay both ends of the spectrum?  But what do I know. I didn’t even go to Harvard.

I guess you must  go to an Ivy league school to understand how an economy whose jobs creation is based on small business (those of us in the middle) can be in a recovery when NO jobs are being created which means fewer employees, which means more folks out of work, which means less tax money going into the govt. which means they have less money to pay a growing debt.

But not to worry! THEY CAN PRINT IT!

Just because the more they print the less value it will have is not really a problem! Soon beans will cost $50.00 a pound. It gives us the opportunity to learn how to farm and grow our own food! Remember we have already been encouraged from on high to grow a victory garden!

Wish some of these Folks in the Federal Government would come to the school here. Our students could explain the life as it exist, not the fiction they it wish it was.

To make the point:

I actually went to one of the “Town Hall” meeting my local Congress person held this past month. Mainly it was about health care. I will try to quote her as she answered the question, “if she would pledge to support government provided health care ONLY if congress voted to be in the same plan as the rest of the general population“:

 She said this as an argument of support for a single payer government health care system: “Congress does have its own system …..but I am not in it, I am on my husbands health care provided because it so much better than the government plan!”   SERIOUSLY, SHE SAID THIS AS A REASON FOR SUPPORT THE GOVERNMENT TAKE OVER OF HEALTH CARE.


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