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Same Sex Marriage?

First and foremost, marriage by its very nature can only exist between a man and a woman.
I know that sounds narrow to many today but it is no more narrow than saying trees are made of wood.
It is just a fact of reality. We can say a Pine tree is made from glass as much as we want, some may even come to believe it’s true but that does not change the reality.

Every society which has ever had a written language has defined marriage as between male and female. None have ever identify homosexual relationships as marriage.

Now don’t shoot the messenger. People of the same sex who love each other and wish to make a permanent life commitment to each other can do so no one, nothing can stop them.

But MARRIAGE is the word which MEANS, IS DEFINED AS, THE UNIQUE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN. People of the same sex do not qualify under the definition.

Does that mean they are lesser people? NO

Does it mean they cannot enter into a committed relationship with someone they love? NO of course not.
I remember the sixties when folks of different sexes started living together without being married. They said a piece of paper did not make a bit of difference. Their love and commitment was all that was needed.

All it means is that the definition of the word marriage historically, currently and in the English language precludes same sex marriages.

It is just reality. Sorry.

Same sex couples can be bonded together, linked forever, signed, sealed and delivered to each other but to pretend that a tree is made of glass is as foolish to pretend that same sex couples and heterosexual couples are the same thing.

The emotional, physical and opposite tension is by the nature of those involved is missing with same sex couples.

Even as the tension and struggle of exercise is good and necessary for the body to be strong and healthy; By the very nature of human beings two sexes; male and female being socially publicly committed together in the dynamic tension of otherness advances human growth; emotionally, intellectually and compassionately for both the individuals and society…. and that is marriage.