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indoctrination centers

In reality public education as it existed in the past no longer exists. Local schools are now truly, government sponsored, run indoctrination centers.

I know how this sounds, but having worked with public education institutions for over a decade and having been involved with schools across the nation up to and including teaching at the university level.

Before that, I watched as the federal government slowly moved to change texts to promote the growing acceptance of larger and larger aspects of government control, while removing any foundational moral center, or even independent critical thinking. Instead they “directed” thinking lessons and exercises. Schools are intended to be amoral. Independent thinking is discouraged. It is purposeful.

Of course it is not stated that way, but in fact it is what it is. Under the guise of providing a safer, more accepting learning environment for our children and by reaching for a future generation of politically correct citizen above all other goals, the vast majority of local public schools have slid into the goal of not teaching critical thinking, or even basic reading, writing or math education. Instead, in each, “subject” area there is a directed seed of how to make a good citizen while teaching math, English etc. The texts have all but ignored the historical foundational truths our nation is built upon.

The goal is to remove the foundation. If you do not believe me, do the work, do the research.

The international test scores of these government schools are evidence genuine education is no longer the goal. The education system is control by two major systems at the federal level: one the teachers union and two, socialist leaning universities with an agenda outline in numerous documents. For years they have been placing each other in jobs of authority within the federal government and at high levels with many state governments.  It is a closed loop. If you do not agree with their agenda (philosophy of education and government) you are out and not to be taken seriously.

The “public schools” we knew are almost all gone! They have been replaced with government run indoctrination centers. Trust me, I know how this sounds. But it is true..

We must, if we are to have a hope of reclaiming our students, do away with the Federal Department of Education. Our children are seriously at risk from this focused and deliberate intellectual attack. 

Parents are responsible for the education of their children. Not the government. Parents are the experts regarding their children, not teachers, not therapist, not government school officials.

For public schools to have a chance to be effective it must be under total local control. They must be free. But freedom is the opposite of what most bureaucratic within the government schools systems desire. They are at every turn dramatically opposed to local parental control of the schools.

As long as the Feds have the money to give it will control local schools with the strings of financial rewards on those who conform.