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Self Control

I read long ago that the greatest battle any one has is within themselves. Having the desire to do (or not to do) something but unable to exercise the self discpline to force thier own will over thier own lives(bodies).

The many support groups, the endless diet commercials and the jails are full of evidence this is true.

Now move that issue from a moral or ethical deliema to a physical one and we will begin to understand a bit of how our Asperger Children feel every minute of every day.


A high risk child is any child who is experiencing social, academic, emotional, medical, language, perceptual, or environmental turmoil that prevents him/her from performing up to his/her ability in school. As a result of this intense turmoil, many symptoms are generated in a dynamic attempt to alleviate the anxiety or feelings of inadequacy. This part of the Assessment in Special Education Series looks at the symptoms exhibited by high risk children and provides a frame of reference so that these children can be identified as quickly as possible.

The determination of who will receive a comprehensive assessment for a suspected disability is a process that normally begins with the local school. In most states, each school will have a committee called the Child Study Team (Pupil Personnel Team, School Based Support Team etc.) which reviews children who are considered high risk. High-risk children may exhibit many different behavior patterns. Some of the more common ones that can be exhibited by either elementary or secondary students while in school are:
• A history of adequate or high first quarter grades followed by a downward trend leading to failures in the final quarter.
• A history of excessive absences.
• A history of excessive lateness.
• Frequently cannot separate from parent at the start of the school day. While this can be normal behavior in very young children, it becomes a more serious symptom after age 6 or 7.
• High achievement scores and high school abilities index with a history of low academic performance.
• Consistent failure in two or more quarters of at least two subjects.
• A history of parent “coverage” for inappropriate behavior, poor work performance, poor attitude, failures, or absences.
• Students wandering the halls after school with no direction or purpose.
• A history of constant projection onto others as a reason for a lack of performance, handing in work, failures, or cutting.
• A history of feeling powerless in the student’s approach to problems.
• Recent stress related experiences i.e. divorce, separation, death of a parent or parent’s loss of employment.
• A history of constant visits to the nurse.
• Social withdrawal from peers with an emphasis on developing relationships with adult


Was in a meeting today of which is typical of business meetings these days, a person starting his own company wants to do business with us. This is a person we have done business in the past albeit within a different context.
They still owe us several thousands of dollars. After their presentation, I ask them when we could expect payment of the monies owed. Instead of answering the question they simply denied knowing of the debt and asked for written proof of the debt. (I wrote to this person a few weeks ago, reminding them of the needed payment) There is no question of the debt they simply are looking for a way to avoid payment.
No Integrity. Not an issue of legalities, an issue of integrity. I think we will not be doing business any further with this person.
This goes to yesterday’s “blog”. For there to be knowledge and wisdom one must have ethics and morals by which to live. To be truly educated there must be a rock solid foundation. I fear for the children in our Government run education systems for they have for years left out the very foundation for learning.


The foundation of any solid education is the ability to think critically. Being able to gather facts and information and then to arrive at solid reasonable conclusions. To that end basic subjects have to be taught to be able to gather information: Math, English (including Literature), History are essential.
To arrive at solid reasonable conclusions a foundation of values must be taught.
So then it comes down to whose values will be taught?
This brings to mind a conversation I had with the late Senator Mark Hatfield of Oregon when I ask him if he supported prayers in school, he said; “no, but not because I don’t believe in prayer, I do, but because I don’t have time to write all the prayers for the schools and I don’t trust anyone else to….”

Power of the Individual

The power of the individual should never be underestimated!  History turns on the influence, thoughts and actions of unique individuals. For good or for bad history is replete with examples.

As often as not it is the person who is different from the others, the one who may be a bit odd, or the one who “marches to the sound of a different drummer” who has world changing impact.

Examples:  Issac Newton, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein.

If you look at each great turn in history for good there is the individual who has the strength of character and commitment to their vision that eventually after much to do about their difference are followed.

It is the Asperger’s community which may have the next best “world changer” in their midst. It is my hope and prayer that we may recognize and encourage those brave souls to follow their hearts and minds while we help them understand how best to navigate society even as we encourage their passions.

Aspy Kids

As the new school year begins I wonder how many kids continue to suffer in the Government Schools with their one size fits all, “don’t make waves, we are the experts so we know what is best for your kids” mind set!

If ever there were a group of folks that recognize the value of the individual and the importance of each child receiving the taylored education as individuals it is those in the ASPY community!

Happy to be here!

In the course of human events, there comes a time when we must speak out.
Now is that time.
Now is the opportunity for us to speak plainly and clearly on behalf of those who cannot help themselves.
It is not for the government to speak out on our behalf.
It is not for the schools and those government systems to speak on our behalf.
We, as those who are parents of and workers with and for Aspy kids need to speak out and demand the law be enforced for our kids!

No longer accept the left overs that most school districts provide for our kids.

Stand for all at the law provides for our kids.

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