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Was in a meeting today of which is typical of business meetings these days, a person starting his own company wants to do business with us. This is a person we have done business in the past albeit within a different context.
They still owe us several thousands of dollars. After their presentation, I ask them when we could expect payment of the monies owed. Instead of answering the question they simply denied knowing of the debt and asked for written proof of the debt. (I wrote to this person a few weeks ago, reminding them of the needed payment) There is no question of the debt they simply are looking for a way to avoid payment.
No Integrity. Not an issue of legalities, an issue of integrity. I think we will not be doing business any further with this person.
This goes to yesterday’s “blog”. For there to be knowledge and wisdom one must have ethics and morals by which to live. To be truly educated there must be a rock solid foundation. I fear for the children in our Government run education systems for they have for years left out the very foundation for learning.

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