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Power of the Individual

The power of the individual should never be underestimated!  History turns on the influence, thoughts and actions of unique individuals. For good or for bad history is replete with examples.

As often as not it is the person who is different from the others, the one who may be a bit odd, or the one who “marches to the sound of a different drummer” who has world changing impact.

Examples:  Issac Newton, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein.

If you look at each great turn in history for good there is the individual who has the strength of character and commitment to their vision that eventually after much to do about their difference are followed.

It is the Asperger’s community which may have the next best “world changer” in their midst. It is my hope and prayer that we may recognize and encourage those brave souls to follow their hearts and minds while we help them understand how best to navigate society even as we encourage their passions.

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