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YOU HAVE HOPE! THERE IS GOOD NEWS! IN THIS WORLD OF CONFUSION AND DECEPTION there is someone who loves us beyond comprehension. Someone who touches our heart with tenderness, acceptance, love and forgiveness. DO NOT GIVE UP!

BUT now is the time for complete honest: Be real and honest with yourself. No one on earth but you will know.

In this “WOKE” world we have found ourselves in, we are confused, this confusion overwhelms the understanding of reality. So we seek to establish a standard of comfort and ease. Each of us establishing our own life standard requiring others to accept it or risk being branded a “hater” , racist, “bigot” or even a “homophobe.” This branding is a result of a self-centered obligation of others to accept our absolute subjective authority to accept our self-centered opinion. This is the very nature of confusion and conflict. Each person on earth has a self-centered opinion or reality. No two completely agree.


There is a standard the Creator has established. The Creator exist outside of time, outside of mater, outside of energy…laws of physics ..over and above all that exist……He is beyond all understanding and has established truth and honesty without question in the world. Because His is an objective standard, we who are subjective in all we do and understand are bruised and hurt when we bump up against it and rebel! I nor you like being brought up short in our understandings. We do NOT like being told what to do! We do NOT like being told how to behave! We do NOT like being told how to speak. We do NOT like being told how to feel! So our natural rebellion sets us in opposition to the Creator of reality. 

So we all live in a state of passive rebellion (just ignoring truth in favor of ease) and anxiety searching our subjective minds for truth and being offended when we bump up against objective reality. Still hoping for comfort beyond our selves to yield to a subjective reality which justified us and reenforces our desires while legitimizing our hopes of security. Yet we all experience the pain of reality the hurt of unmet hopes, the short comings of our own expectations. Why is there pain in the world with a loving creator?

So now for the good news…….in this world we live; with the hurts and failed expectations, this reality where we, each of us, still have hidden failures we do not want anyone to know about there is the reality which transcends!

Forget what you have leaned, forget what your expectations are, forget your preconceived ideas and turn inward asking the CREATOR OF THAT IS to speak to you in a quiet still voice of truth about reality.

And when you ask this in truth and honesty that still inward nudge of God’s Quiet Holy Spirit you will find the reality and with your humble acceptance and your willingness to yield to Jesus’ sacrifice to cover your willful sins and subjective reality, you will find truth and have an everlasting joy and peace which transcends physical life. 

You will find life everlasting! Life as you want it to be! 

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