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Communication and Realization

Clarity of communicate with one another transcends normal social understanding.

That in and of itself should make your mind bubble!

I am not talking about just language, but actual communication! Talk, body language, and emotional language or “transpeak”!

All of us reach out to one another in the languages, or communication skills, we are raised with. I am not just speaking of English or Spanish or any other spoken language, but the languages of each family regardless of national language or local region, spoken in the home: Famlang! Famlang is also the communication unique to each family..

Words just represent ideas, but “famlang” communicates emotions and/or thoughts welded together with a desire to express our own individuality.

With that desire for individual expression within the context of local social dynamic we have the self centerpieces of family.

In that context we must yield to the solid and realization to provide for one another as individuals who chose as agents of freewill to take care of those less fortunate.

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