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Social Network Frustrations

The frustration of returning from being out of town for several days to find I was “down” as far as the internet goes, reminded me of just how much I now depend upon the internet for daily work and connection.

My modem died, no my router died, no my connection was some how compromised………None the less……it required me to call internet support. We will not go through just how long and drawn out, the multiple calls to different Help Centers”.

Had to buy a new one. Then the calls started again to get it working right.

I was out of my element. I could not for the life of me understand, even though we were using the same words talking about the same thing.

Our Aspergers kids are like that. We talk, they talk, or at least seem to listen and answer, but They just don’t “get it”.

Finally I spoke to “Kevin the tech guy, from Texas”, he and I could communicate! He talked me through what no one else could do! and amazingly I am on line and blogging again!!!

Did he say anything different? I don’t really think so. We just connected.


FIND THOSE WITH THE GIFT OR ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEM. Then they will learn and build the skills to communicate and interact with others.

Thank the Lord, that we at Second Start have just such a staff!

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