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Aspergers, the next stage in human development?

I have a staff member who genuinely believes that Aspergers is the next step in human evolution. The ability to excel in specific disciplines without the need (ability) to for social niceties is the perfect personality for the computer/digital/global is the same as local community! All one really needs are the skills which allow, or propel one to a synthesis with artificial intelligence.
Interesting idea which may not be too far off the mark, if so, then it will be a sad development. The joy of social interaction, the fun with others and the nuances of social dynamic are an essential part of what being human is all about.
It is with this goal our Social Thinking classes oriented.


  anon wrote @

that is a very sad way to view asperger’s… it isn’t social interaction that we dislike, it is the illogical rules that go along with it. If everyone were suddenly an aspie, then social interaction would be much easier to decipher and aspies would not shy away from it. The joys of social interaction wouldn’t disappear, but change, and many of the negative aspects of social interaction would be reduced… such as the tendency for one to be dishonest or two-faced…


  leboydston wrote @

Those “illogical rules” are fundamental to the complex nuances’ of social interaction. As folks learn the delicate “dance” of being social they develop these perceptional, behavioral skills To try and make them less complicated, easier to decipher, or reduce them to only those aspects which appear logical would be the same as reducing the notes in the musical scale or removing shades of color. Life would be greatly reduced. Who wants to only play “chop sticks” all their life, when there is the possibility of Bach? Emotional/Behavioral maturity is a balance of illogical, emotional, reasoned thoughts, choices and actions.
“When I was a child I played, and acted and thought like a child, when I became a man, I put away childish things.”


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