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Public Sector Unions


How long will the general population of America be intimidated by the public sector unions?

The time has come to outlaw public sector unions, as they were in the past!

If one tracks the public debt increase, if one tracks the cities that are going bankrupt, you can track the problem back to the formation of public sector unions!

By their very nature public union have a conflict of interest! How is it possible for a person who receives money from tax revenue be objective about tax increases? How is it possible for someone to be objective when the power support mechanisms forces each person to conform: ” for the good of the group”  without personal accountability.

The conflict of interest becomes the most serious problem at the very point when we need our public employees need to be the most objective, In times of crisis! But in the mind set of Union leadership, when the public is most needy and vulnerable are the times when the unions can take the greatest advantage. At these times they can and do hold the public hostage!

From personal experience working for more than a decade with  the public education system, I can assure you the single motivation of the leadership within the teachers union has nothing to do with the better education of our children! Their goal (which is appropriate for their mandate as officials obligated to protect their members) has nothing to do with the education of our children! Their goals is to get the largest amount of money and benefits for their members! Good for them!

But that very mandate is a conflict of interest! That s why public sector union should be prevented!

In times past, working for the government meant you did not make very much money but the job was secure. That was before unions were allowed in the public sector.

Since public sector unions have been allowed:

Public debt, local, state and federal has soared out of control! The average Federal job pays (with benefits) well over $100,000.00. State government jobs are a prize that only are given to those who know someone or  have relatives within the system and local government jobs have hundreds of applicants for each job for we all know it is like winning the lottery! Security, good money each month and no one can be fired!

How long can a country survive when those who are double minded have been given the task to make things work?  Not Long.

If you are a government employee (Federal, State, Local, even public education related) who belongs to a union shame on you!!!!! if you allow your union to stand against common sense and fiscal responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!!

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