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Change of Profession….. not retirement! :)

As I approach this change of profession, I have been reviewing some old material to help me focus my new career as a writer. A writer is an artist who uses words instead of paint or musical notes.

Genuine art reflect the world, events, relationships, times and emotions of the environment and society of the artist. Recognition of the artist depends upon how the art is realized, identified or creates empathy with those who come in contact with it.

There are two components to art. One is the art itself. Two is getting the art to the general public and to those who will accept and appreciate it. Both are components to art. Just as communication, to exist requires the transmitter and the receptor. Without both it does not exist.

I have no idea how well my writings will be accepted or even meet my above definition of art. I do know I have some thoughts which need to be said, expressed in such a way those who read them will be affected to reflect reality.

For several decades I have been successful in creating and managing organizations that exist solely for the benefit of others. Over those years I discovered some basic keys for success. It is my plan to implement these same keys as a writer. The keys follow.

1. Always be positive, beware of negativity
2. Decide upon true dreams and goals………create the plan to realize them.
3. Take Action! Do something each day to accomplish the dreams.
4. Learn! To write better, understand what the publisher are looking for, understand the hunger of the general population for your style of art. Your niche.
5. Be persistent……Work hard means hours………when you would like to be doing something else……
Success is a Marathon!!!!!!!!!
6. Analyze details
7. Focus time and money: both are in short supply
8. Innovate! Be Different to be noticed.
9. Deal and Communicate with people effectively, understanding those things which motivate others.
10. Above all be honest! Be Dependable. Take personal responsibility!

If you are reading this, it is because you may become one of my treasured friends (does not matter if you are a relative or not). Love (self sacrificing for the benefit of the other) is the most accurate reflection of the Creator of all things. It does not matter whether you place me in the same spot in your relationships.

Love is such a great thing! I can give it without reservation and it just grows in my person, my heart! So I have more to give! I know of nothing else which grows as personal possession when you give it away! The more you give the more you have! Amazing!!!!

I love you! Yep, just got some more! 

Now if you doubt my love, all you have to do is call. I will do all within my wisdom to help you.

The Creator who is both outside and inside of time and physical reality bless you with tenderness, gentleness, goodness, kindness, love, acceptance and forgiveness!!!!!!!!!! 

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