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Covid19 in perspective

There are about 1,000,000 people who are known to have the virus. Last I read there were about 75,000 deaths. It is sad and disturbing whenever anyone dies much less from a totally new virus.

But that being said: the numbers say you have a 92.5% of getting better if you get sick with this thing! The number also seems to indicate it is only a serious threat to a very small portion of our general population; the elderly and those with preexisting conditions.

It seems to me this was started by a computer model (same folks who model global climate change). Folks in leadership are so used now to believing that a computer model can predict the future they have lost all perspective.

Reality based science and past practices in how to handle an outbreak were discarded in preference to massive government control in complete violation of our constitution and bill of rights!

And we the Sheepeople, quietly have followed because our lives are so comfortable we do not want to upset the apple cart in fear we will lose our traditional way of life……..

Sorry folks…..it is already gone….question is can we get it back??? It will not be given back…..The powerful never (or rarely) reduce their power willingly….

Time to stand or surrender.


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