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I have always thought it a good idea for the Christian community to support local businesses and community endeavors. After all we are part of our community.
Yet a sickness, or a Pandemic does not override the truth of God. It is true if we gather together as a congregation a virus may spread.
But it is also truth it may not. Who knows?
All we can do is to personally gather the best data available and after prayer make the wisest choice.
Yet, it is not business as usual. Perhaps the Church can stand in the gap to encourage: the way of life and truth. Speak truth to all with Boldness, gentleness and kindness.
I am thinking it is far more important for the church to provide emotional support for those families and individuals who for the first time in their lives are facing a life and death crisis. Because of the societal close down depression and fear is hovering over a lot of families. The Church is built, was made for, these times.
But am I thinking the church hungers for those in leadership to take a stand. Be wise and thoughtful for peoples health while at the same time not allowing any human institution to dictate to the Church of the Living God! Regardless of the cost.
For most of time and history human life has been defined by pain, loss and suffering. Yet in the midst of perhaps the worst time in human history God though Jesus broke through reality with a simple message of truth, Love and kindness over selfishness and control of the strong over the weak.
And now in America we, the Church of the Creator of all that is the only true God, who have surrendered and pledged our lives and fortunes to His control are willing to give all. Yet we need to be encouraged by the example of our leaders to stand in Christ above human institutions and governments.
We, as those called out by the Creator, need to gather as individuals joined by God’s Holy Spirit to form His Bride.
I hunger for the gathering of His Body the Church. Watching moving pictures of those caught in a 20th century expression is not people gathering together as a reflection or His truth.
 Now is the time to stand! No longer  surrendering to man’s authority. Stand as one accountably to a higher authority.
The Church needs to be who we are, the called out ones! Called out from everyone else.  If we die because of a stupid virus, so be it. Our life in Christ is beyond this temporary existence!

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