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Covid 19 Crisis in California

Is not what you think…..

Let me give you some stats:

  1. California has 74,624 hospital beds according to the American Hospital Directory
  2. California has 11,578 ICU beds according to  California Department of Health
  3. Today there are 1,076 covid19 patients total in ICU units across California according to calmatters.org (the official calif. tracking site.)
  4. There are 78,839 in California who have the virus and do not need hospitalization according to LA Times
  5. California’s populations is: 39,500,000. (US Census)

So let’s do the math………

  1. 9.2% of the ICU beds in California are in need for covid19! (less than one out of ten)
  2. 1.4% of all Hospital beds are being used for these serious covid19 patients.
  3. .19% of Californians have the virus (less than 2 tenths of one percent

Now for some comments…………

If you do the numbers on a National basis you will find the covid19 impact is far less than in California.

Hospitals in California have been laying of staff…..doctors and nursing staff as well as admin.

I have it from multiple sources that for several weeks now deaths which are being contributed to covid19 are not deaths cause by the virus. But for some reason are being reported by the hospitals as if they were.

Even the Doctors in Bakersfield who brought attention to this have since been taken off Utube” and have basically been silenced.

Deaths cause by Flu and related issues and dropped significantly (below normally report numbers) since covid19 deaths have increased.

My only conclusion is the fear of this virus is massively out of proportion. The leadership  is either completely incompetent or there is a different agenda behind shutting down America’s and the World’s economies.

We in America have been thoughtful to follow safety protocols. But now there has been enough time and attention to no longer blindly follow needlessly.  There are those intentionally violating our basic rights as American as listed in the Bill of Rights which the government is suppose to protect above all things.

To follow blindly is to only encourage those who would and will take power at all cost and this absurd mask and social distancing is no more needful than doing what your mother told you to do as a child; ie wash your hands, cover your coughs and be thoughtful of others, if your felling sick, stay home you have 99% chance of getting over it if it is covid19!!!!!!

Get a grip don’t be sheepeople !!!!!

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