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The week of April 20 (I think) a study posted online by Stanford University epidemiologists, who pegged the fatality rate at between 0.1% and 0.2%. An affiliated team from the University of Southern California (USC) a couple of weeks ago reported a similar fatality rate in Los Angeles. 
The original estimate of deaths by covid19 was set at over 2.2 million (even with social distancing and mask) just in the United States. This computer model was created by the same folks who gave us the main data based on computer models about global warming.. Those world leadership took it to heart.  
So all the social distancing and masks and shutting down the economy was done , not to save lives!!!!! but to flatten the curve! so hospitals could handle the massive number of folks who would need the ICU beds! 
Now months later, all estimates on how bad this would be (except for isolated pockets of nursing homes mainly) have been remarkably wrong. Now those in power are treating this as if every human is at exactly the same risk, simply demonstrable not true.  

The foolishness damage to the economy is likely (according to many mental health experts) to result in the suicide rates to match or exceed the covid19 deaths. The estimated annual suicides at the height of the Great Depression was: between 67,000 and 71,000 with a much smaller population.
To my research there is no empirical evidence which demonstrates mask and social distancing has reduce the infection rates. There is anecdotal evidence.
But there are many communities across America where no mask and little social distancing has happened and there is remarkably little infection.
People need to be thoughtful and careful, no doubt, I hear this is terrible to get but that being said evidence is if your are not over 75 nor have a preexisting condition, your chance of dying from this is infinitesimal.
The younger folks are in far more damage from depression!

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