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Recent (not race) Riots

Once again I take finger to keyboard to express my confusion over the issues in America.
On the riots this past week or so. If they are about race and police shooting African American men disproportionally it is just wrong! It is not true! It is a total misconception.
  1. African Americans make up 13.4% of the USA population
  2. 2019 Police across America killed 228 people 31 were African American that’s 13.5% of those killed proportional not more not less.
  3. From 1976 to 2005 94% of all African American victims were killed by other African Americans.
  4. In 2019 88% of African American killings were done by other African Americans.
AS far as America being a racist country, how do we determine it? The best way is to look at who Americans have put in public office and have asked to work in seriously responsible positions, in other words who do we trust? Let’s look at the federal government to see how racist we are………. again, African Americans are 13.4% of the population.
  1. US House of Representatives is the government body who is most close us as individuals. They are 435 members; they are 153 African Americans elected that is 35%, apparently we trust African American more proportional than whites
  2. Federal employees are 18.1 African American
  3. Federal Senior Executives in the Federal Government are 21.2% African American
So in conclusion we are not racist as a society, just the opposite, we disproportionally place African American in positions of leadership and authority. Police do not kill any more African Americans than whites.
The riots are not about race…..or if they are….thanks goes to our public school system and the media for spreading the ignorance.
As an afterthought…..I believe the numbers and recent history has proven me correct about the “covid 19” over reaction. I know over 100,000 have died, but not CAUSED by covid!! and that is sad heart breakingly sad, but the vast majority were over 70 and or with preexisting conditions, we no longer are receiving covid19 CAUSED deaths…..!!!! only related meaning they died from something else and just have may the virus markers in the system which may or may not have contributed. Just as a sad note hospital get paid for reporting covid deaths….

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