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The 2020 election is over. The Democrats have won complete control over the federal government. This past week the House of Representatives passed rules forbidding using words like father, mother, sister and brother…..they are bigoted words. This is only a precursor to the irrational things to come from those who have no connection to objective reality but live in a subjective fiction posing as freedom of thought and action. They took in control.

The individual freedoms: worship, speech, guns, Americans have enjoyed under the constitution will be taken and replaced with group privileges. Individual thought, freedom and actions is an evil in there thinking. You must fall in line with the group or you are dysfunctional. 

If you are in the wrong group then you must make amends for your past generation’s evils. If you object, you must and will be reeducated. This is their stated goal. The time frame for complete transformation is four years.

In California once the Democrats reached this level of power, they changed the rules in order to permanently maintain their power. It worked. Now in America they will attempt to do the same. Make no mistake this is not politics as normal operating under our constitution. This is going to be a full-on assault on the constitution and America as founded, using our political systems against, the America people and our middle class.

The middle class is based in individual entrepreneurial action. It is the foundation of our economy and is currently being destroyed as we stand around and watch.

Already the insane ideas of more than two sexes and genderless children are taking hold. The ideas Christians and or white people by their nature are racist is being taught in the public school.  The impossible to apply concepts of equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity has become the standard for government action, based in group affiliation.

Matin Luther King’s “content of character rather than color of skin” has become “race is the determining factor of one’s privilege and favoritism from local, state and federal government as well as public and most private schools.

The only question which needs to be answered by those who wish to reserve America and its freedoms as founded, is; when do we stand up in numbers which cannot be denied and refuse to abide by the thoughts and systems which deny truth and reality?  

To say or do nothing is to finally give away the freedoms and the America our parents and grandparents bled and died saving the world from Socialist Fascism and gave to us to preserve.

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