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How long will people be willing to live in the subjective fiction of personal preference?

There is an objective reality.

There is objective truth.

Something cannot come from nothing.

Nothing is: the absence of all……no physical reality, no energy, no laws of physics, no time… the absence of all! Nothing cannot produce something!!!!!!!!!

There has always been something……..The Creator………..

Live with it !!!!!!!

Anxious? Frustrated? Angry? Disappointed?

These things seem to spring from false expectations.When we expect something or someone to behave in certain way and it does not happen in accord with our expectations.

When, no matter how hard we work or invest ourselves to a relationship or circumstance and our desired outcome does not well….come out.
When we are or feel helpless to make or force the change we desire emotional darkness descends.

When that someone does not respond in the way we wish creates a whole bath of negative emotions.

Where is the emotional center point of stability if our lives are truly just a subjective compilation of physical experience translated through a self centered filter?

There is a path for Positive Healthy Relational Reality.


The New American Lap Dog!

The New 21st Century American Breed is cuddly, attractive and harmless. It lives only to be comforted and comfort.

Has its lineage in the ancient past (wolves who were outcast from other packs). It is  recognized by many as the most attractive breed of modern times.

Over many  lustrums  this breed provided not only for themselves, but many others. Still they willingly gave up their ability to do so for security.

This Breed can also be identified by its gentle demeanor and willingness to accept ownership from any who provide basic subsistence.

You can identify this modern Breed by its behavior or willingness to give up its freedom for gentle stroking, calming verbal commands as well as meager gifts of food, health, sensuality and comfort.

This new breed has been carefully modified from the former aggressively independent, yet temperate animals selected from a cross sections of many different breeds.

Being self identified and self selected through a willingness to surrender freedom, this breed’s desired behavior can be reenforced by giving them ever more progressive treats.

They rapidly lose the ability to provide for themselves. At this point one can comfortably misuse and abuse their trust with no consequence.

This New Breed is attractive from a distance, but the closer and more personally involved you get, the more they require of you.

The more attention you give to it, the more it demands.

These animals have minimal demands place upon them. But demand much from those who provide for them.

They rapidly reproduce to such an extent no single person or family can house this new Breed for long.

The only way to care or provide for this new Breed is to allow the greater community to collect ever-growing resources from those still aggressive enough to provide for themselves and others

This is not a self-sustaining breed. It requires a master or a more aggressive breed to provide for it to survive.

Unfortunately this breed becomes an increasing burden upon its master and as attractive as this breed seems, for it to survive, the master must take ever-increasing control of its behavior.

This Breed has a diminishing intelligence and each generation has a reduction in skills and abilities, to provide for themselves.

Some Breeds are just a failure regardless good intent!


Change of Profession….. not retirement! :)

As I approach this change of profession, I have been reviewing some old material to help me focus my new career as a writer. A writer is an artist who uses words instead of paint or musical notes.

Genuine art reflect the world, events, relationships, times and emotions of the environment and society of the artist. Recognition of the artist depends upon how the art is realized, identified or creates empathy with those who come in contact with it.

There are two components to art. One is the art itself. Two is getting the art to the general public and to those who will accept and appreciate it. Both are components to art. Just as communication, to exist requires the transmitter and the receptor. Without both it does not exist.

I have no idea how well my writings will be accepted or even meet my above definition of art. I do know I have some thoughts which need to be said, expressed in such a way those who read them will be affected to reflect reality.

For several decades I have been successful in creating and managing organizations that exist solely for the benefit of others. Over those years I discovered some basic keys for success. It is my plan to implement these same keys as a writer. The keys follow.

1. Always be positive, beware of negativity
2. Decide upon true dreams and goals………create the plan to realize them.
3. Take Action! Do something each day to accomplish the dreams.
4. Learn! To write better, understand what the publisher are looking for, understand the hunger of the general population for your style of art. Your niche.
5. Be persistent……Work hard means hours………when you would like to be doing something else……
Success is a Marathon!!!!!!!!!
6. Analyze details
7. Focus time and money: both are in short supply
8. Innovate! Be Different to be noticed.
9. Deal and Communicate with people effectively, understanding those things which motivate others.
10. Above all be honest! Be Dependable. Take personal responsibility!

If you are reading this, it is because you may become one of my treasured friends (does not matter if you are a relative or not). Love (self sacrificing for the benefit of the other) is the most accurate reflection of the Creator of all things. It does not matter whether you place me in the same spot in your relationships.

Love is such a great thing! I can give it without reservation and it just grows in my person, my heart! So I have more to give! I know of nothing else which grows as personal possession when you give it away! The more you give the more you have! Amazing!!!!

I love you! Yep, just got some more! 

Now if you doubt my love, all you have to do is call. I will do all within my wisdom to help you.

The Creator who is both outside and inside of time and physical reality bless you with tenderness, gentleness, goodness, kindness, love, acceptance and forgiveness!!!!!!!!!! 

Same Sex Marriage?

First and foremost, marriage by its very nature can only exist between a man and a woman.
I know that sounds narrow to many today but it is no more narrow than saying trees are made of wood.
It is just a fact of reality. We can say a Pine tree is made from glass as much as we want, some may even come to believe it’s true but that does not change the reality.

Every society which has ever had a written language has defined marriage as between male and female. None have ever identify homosexual relationships as marriage.

Now don’t shoot the messenger. People of the same sex who love each other and wish to make a permanent life commitment to each other can do so no one, nothing can stop them.

But MARRIAGE is the word which MEANS, IS DEFINED AS, THE UNIQUE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN. People of the same sex do not qualify under the definition.

Does that mean they are lesser people? NO

Does it mean they cannot enter into a committed relationship with someone they love? NO of course not.
I remember the sixties when folks of different sexes started living together without being married. They said a piece of paper did not make a bit of difference. Their love and commitment was all that was needed.

All it means is that the definition of the word marriage historically, currently and in the English language precludes same sex marriages.

It is just reality. Sorry.

Same sex couples can be bonded together, linked forever, signed, sealed and delivered to each other but to pretend that a tree is made of glass is as foolish to pretend that same sex couples and heterosexual couples are the same thing.

The emotional, physical and opposite tension is by the nature of those involved is missing with same sex couples.

Even as the tension and struggle of exercise is good and necessary for the body to be strong and healthy; By the very nature of human beings two sexes; male and female being socially publicly committed together in the dynamic tension of otherness advances human growth; emotionally, intellectually and compassionately for both the individuals and society…. and that is marriage.

Public Sector Unions


How long will the general population of America be intimidated by the public sector unions?

The time has come to outlaw public sector unions, as they were in the past!

If one tracks the public debt increase, if one tracks the cities that are going bankrupt, you can track the problem back to the formation of public sector unions!

By their very nature public union have a conflict of interest! How is it possible for a person who receives money from tax revenue be objective about tax increases? How is it possible for someone to be objective when the power support mechanisms forces each person to conform: ” for the good of the group”  without personal accountability.

The conflict of interest becomes the most serious problem at the very point when we need our public employees need to be the most objective, In times of crisis! But in the mind set of Union leadership, when the public is most needy and vulnerable are the times when the unions can take the greatest advantage. At these times they can and do hold the public hostage!

From personal experience working for more than a decade with  the public education system, I can assure you the single motivation of the leadership within the teachers union has nothing to do with the better education of our children! Their goal (which is appropriate for their mandate as officials obligated to protect their members) has nothing to do with the education of our children! Their goals is to get the largest amount of money and benefits for their members! Good for them!

But that very mandate is a conflict of interest! That s why public sector union should be prevented!

In times past, working for the government meant you did not make very much money but the job was secure. That was before unions were allowed in the public sector.

Since public sector unions have been allowed:

Public debt, local, state and federal has soared out of control! The average Federal job pays (with benefits) well over $100,000.00. State government jobs are a prize that only are given to those who know someone or  have relatives within the system and local government jobs have hundreds of applicants for each job for we all know it is like winning the lottery! Security, good money each month and no one can be fired!

How long can a country survive when those who are double minded have been given the task to make things work?  Not Long.

If you are a government employee (Federal, State, Local, even public education related) who belongs to a union shame on you!!!!! if you allow your union to stand against common sense and fiscal responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!!

Public Sector U…

Public Sector Unions

indoctrination centers

In reality public education as it existed in the past no longer exists. Local schools are now truly, government sponsored, run indoctrination centers.

I know how this sounds, but having worked with public education institutions for over a decade and having been involved with schools across the nation up to and including teaching at the university level.

Before that, I watched as the federal government slowly moved to change texts to promote the growing acceptance of larger and larger aspects of government control, while removing any foundational moral center, or even independent critical thinking. Instead they “directed” thinking lessons and exercises. Schools are intended to be amoral. Independent thinking is discouraged. It is purposeful.

Of course it is not stated that way, but in fact it is what it is. Under the guise of providing a safer, more accepting learning environment for our children and by reaching for a future generation of politically correct citizen above all other goals, the vast majority of local public schools have slid into the goal of not teaching critical thinking, or even basic reading, writing or math education. Instead, in each, “subject” area there is a directed seed of how to make a good citizen while teaching math, English etc. The texts have all but ignored the historical foundational truths our nation is built upon.

The goal is to remove the foundation. If you do not believe me, do the work, do the research.

The international test scores of these government schools are evidence genuine education is no longer the goal. The education system is control by two major systems at the federal level: one the teachers union and two, socialist leaning universities with an agenda outline in numerous documents. For years they have been placing each other in jobs of authority within the federal government and at high levels with many state governments.  It is a closed loop. If you do not agree with their agenda (philosophy of education and government) you are out and not to be taken seriously.

The “public schools” we knew are almost all gone! They have been replaced with government run indoctrination centers. Trust me, I know how this sounds. But it is true..

We must, if we are to have a hope of reclaiming our students, do away with the Federal Department of Education. Our children are seriously at risk from this focused and deliberate intellectual attack. 

Parents are responsible for the education of their children. Not the government. Parents are the experts regarding their children, not teachers, not therapist, not government school officials.

For public schools to have a chance to be effective it must be under total local control. They must be free. But freedom is the opposite of what most bureaucratic within the government schools systems desire. They are at every turn dramatically opposed to local parental control of the schools.

As long as the Feds have the money to give it will control local schools with the strings of financial rewards on those who conform.

The Federal Government’s role in Education

In the United States of America’s Constitution there is no right to an education. I know we all feel it is very important. Beyond important, it is critical for the success of our children in life and their future. We all know and agree it is true.

But the most important aspect of this critically important developmental aspect of a child’s life is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the education of their child or children. It is the parents responsibility not the government’s or societies. It is true our society; country, state, and local community have a vested interest in the education of the children but the obligation and responsibility lies with the parents.

It was not until October 17, 1979 there was even a federal department of education. It was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter. Up until that time each state guided by small local school districts (control by locally concerned parents) directed the education of the children in America. The scores and amazing productivity of our students was the standard of the world!

But since that time when Mr. Carter signed into law the federal department of education scores have steadily gone downhill. Now The United States of America is close if not on the bottom of scores when compared to developed nations.

Einstein’s definition of insanity is to expect different results when doing the same thing.

The time has come to acknowledge reality (proven by 3 decades of verifiable data). The federal government is fundamentally incapable of creating an environment in which local schools will improve the education of our children.

The time has come to abolish the Federal Department of Education!

The time has come to trust parents. The time has come to trust local school districts to know their communities and what is best for their specific needs and goals of our children/students.

Government Education?

A favorite graduate school professor of mine; Dr. George Barnard use to say: “ life is too short just to read people you agree with!

Critical thinking! It is the foundation of a solid healthy education. It is freedom to an artist. It is the foundation to innovation. It is the heart beat of an inventor! It is life’s blood to an entrepreneur! It is that intangible which genuinely establishes an educated person. Critical Thinking,  there’s the ticket to solid well balanced educational system which leads to a healthy Democratic Republic such as America was and can be again.

In many, to many to list, published documents of the U.S. Department of Education (et. al.) the goal of successful education is to produce well rounded responsible citizen for the 21st century. Unfortunately this requires far more than just academic education.  Let me quote from the United States Department of Education: ” The cornerstone of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 is academic achievement and professional success built upon a foundation of moral strength and civic virtue. As Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings has said, “We must not simply teach children how to count, we must teach them what counts.” … just one of literally thousands of similar documents. Sounds good, looks good and is almost true. There is just one huge problem.

Who’s values? Who gets to say , “what counts”? Who gets to define the morality of what is or is not a civic virtue?

What is the moral, civic virtue advocated by the US Dept of Education?

Do you understand the foundational issue here? Public Education, with purpose and forethought is establishing itself as the “State Church” in America. They get to define what is or is not moral. They, the Educators have the final say of what is a virtue. Not you, not the old fashion church, not the grandparents or traditions. No these tradional ethical systems only get in the way of those who are smarter, more moral and understand virtue far better than you. They are currently teaching and should teach your children morality from their perspective. Your understanding of what is right and wrong is just not, well, trustworthy.

No longer do they teach math, science or English composition (international scores demonstrate that clear enough). No longer do they teach skills where students think for themselves. No, in today’s America the Highest levels of Education in America want to supplant the historical role of theologians.

Critical thinking? Well read? Eclectic? Things of the past! In today’s America an Educated person yields to those who tells them what to think and what is: smart, clever, artistic and even funny. The US Dept of Education has a directed agenda who’s apparent outcome is to produce George Orwell’s 1984 citizen.  To Quote Mr. Orwell from 1984: ” When finally you surrender to us, it must be of your own free will. We do not destroy the heretic because he resists us; so long as he resists us we never destroy him. We convert him, we capture his inner mind, we reshape him. We burn all evil and all illusion out of him; we bring him over to our side, not in appearance, but genuinely, heart and soul. We make him one of ourselves before we kill him. It is intolerable to us that an erroneous thought should exist anywhere in the world, however secret and powerless it may be.”